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Art is an exploration of our relationship to the world. All an artist can offer is his own unique perspective. I see the world both through the lens of a camera and the eye of a painter.

“The world is my pallet. I love its textures, the tangled roots of an ancient tree, the complexity and color of rusted metal, the pealing paint on an abandoned church wall, and the unique sensuality of a woman skin.

I have described my work at various times as surreal, allegorical, deconstructed and speculative realism.”

“I have been influenced as much by the story tellers of film and television as I have by other painters. I grew up with the Twilight Zone and I love the world created in Blade Runner and Dark City.”

“I love the lonely interiors of Edward Hopper, the inchoate cities of Reginald Marsh, surreal worlds of Magritte, Bosch and Bruegel and will always love the romance of the impressionists.”

David Loew

Chicago artist David Loew has earned a reputation as an accomplished artist, and photographer. In the commercial world he has worked with companies as varied as Playboy magazine, HBO and Miramax Films; but he is best known in the publishing industry. During his career he has created cover art for over 250 titles, among the authors are such notables as Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Mary Higgens Clark, Ruth Rendell, Len Deighton and Derek Van Arman, to name a few. As a fine artist, he has exhibited in numerous group and one-man shows in both the United States and Europe, and China where he lives today.


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“我喜爱Edward Hopper的独树一帜,Reginald Marsh的原始城市,Magritte, Bosch和 Bruegel的超现实主义,与此同时,也将永远热爱印象派的浪漫主义。”

David Loew

David Loew是一位出生在美国芝加哥,享有很高声誉的摄影艺术家。在商业艺术里,他曾与多家知名杂志及公司,如《Playboy magazine》、HBO以及Miramax Films合作;然而最为著名的是出版业作品。在他的艺术生涯中,他创作的标题艺术封面超过250 个,在这些作者中,有非常知名的如Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Mary Higgens Clark, Ruth Rendell, Len Deighton及 Derek Van Arman等…作为一名美术艺术家,他的作品参展于各大艺术展,并在他生活多年的美国及欧洲举办过个人艺术展。如今的他生活在中国,并深受之影响。

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