“Sanctuary” is one of my favorite pieces. It has found my emotional core. In this piece, we see a nude figure curled in a fetal position before a partially open door. She is exposed and vulnerable in a dangerous world,. It speaks to our darkest fears and our last refuge.


  1. admin

    I work only with dedicated models! I just made a 30in 40in print and I have to say I love it the scale is working as I thought it would.. This is going to be the first in a series of dystopian images.

  2. David

    This is great. Have to ask the question. This nude was taken outside in the Chicago winter

    Beautiful picture

  3. admin

    No never enought

  4. gary

    Do u pay her enough.. lol…

  5. admin

    Hi Candia,
    In my neighborhood!

  6. Candia

    David, this is stunning! Where was it shot?

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