We are all becoming something.

Originally conceived as an abstract image, “We Are All Becoming Something” evolved as I worked on it.  I could feel the pieces fitting together. Combining the soft, rounded physical form of a woman body with hard rusted metal and pealing paint made me think of  how we grow evolve and decay.

I love synchronicity and (image rhyme). You know when things fall into place you’re going in the right direction.


  1. admin

    Thank you Danielle, it means a lot to me to be appreciated by other artists.


  2. This photo is amazing. I feel so connected to it. Happy to have found your work.

    Thank you,

  3. admin

    Thank you Joan for your kind words, its always nice to hear. Just curious, which book cover of mine did you see?

  4. Fantastic work. I came across a book cover of yours while searching on Amazon. It immediately spoke to me. I too, love synchronicity and “image rhyme”. It’s rare that I see work that inspires me to the degree that yours does….I’m going to stay home all winter and make art . If I starve, so be it.

  5. admin

    Thanks Lynne!

  6. I love this image. Gorgeous!

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